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 Please donate here for the New Assafa Masjid

Sheikh Yusuf Estes in the masjid of assafa , NY




What Your $5, $10, $20 Can Do?
It Will Build A House Of Allah In the Heart of the World, DownTown Manhattan, New York And Build A Palace in JANNAH



"The parable of  one who spends what they own in the way of allah is that grain of corn. It grows seven ears and each ear has a hundred grains. Allah gives increase many times over to whom He pleases. Allah is enough, all knowing." Al-Quran "(2.261)



Whoever build a house of Allah, Allah will build him/her a Palace in Paradise. "Al-Hadith".



The center will offer:
- The Jumu’ah and five-time prayers. 
- NYC Board of Education Compliant Islamic Education for childrens.
- Dawah Service :As we distributed 1000s of Literature and Quran to local non-Muslim and Specially in Latino,african and Chinese Communities. 
- Community services: Muslim marriages, funeral services, Help for Humanity here and abroad, and Helping to find job for communities and Education and Training services.
- To establish Islamic Library for Muslim and Non-Muslim to explore the knowledge of Islam and Muslim.
- There will be appropriate and adequate spaces for sisters as well, Insha-Allah.





The plan for A Six-story new building has been approved by NYC Building Department and construction is currently in progress. The cost of our Building project is approximately $3.25 Million. 





The construction work started as of March 29,2009. The Construction is in speedy progress.

So we need $100 thousand by the end of summer, 2018. Please come forward to help and donate for the sake of Allah (SWT)





Our appeal to you is to join us in this great effort, donate generously, and help build Assafa Islamic Center to please Allah (SWT).





Here is How You Can Help to Build the House of Allah:





We Need $100 thousand  Dollars by end of Summer 2018.





Click the 'Chip in' box on the right side of this page and start your contribution..
1. Make a $20 donation, be part of five hundred builders of House of Allah.
2. Make a $10 donation, be part of one thousand builders of House of Allah.
3. Even you can make $5 or any other amount, greater or smaller, as you can afford.
4. Whoever donate $1000 or more he/she become life member of the center. The cost of space for one person to pray $2500(Per Musalla) So you can donate for one Musalla or more Musallas your behalf or behalf of your parents or behalf of your other relatives. You may also donate $150 for the cost of per square foot of the new Masjid building for your behalf or behalf of your parents or behalf of your other relatives. Recently we are looking for at least 500 Donors to donate $100 Dollars per month until the construction is end as a monthly donor for new project (MDN) So please come forward.
5. Tell your freinds and relatives to join with this great effort.
6. Any Suggestion or Comment to help the project.
7. Make Du'a for Our Project.





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